Course Description

This workshop builds on the skills of Mindfulness Part I workshop and is designed for people who are familiar with mindfulness, whether taking the Mindfulness Part I full-day workshop at OU or from other training or practice.

This workshop will also build on the teaching practices of the Mindfulness Part I workshop, focusing on lessons that teach social-emotional learning and mindfulness practices. Learn how to teach students to focus, self-soothe and find a center to thrive in schools. Continue to build strategies for teaching mindfulness in the classroom. We will add teaching strategies to use in the classroom.

The Mindfulness Part II workshop is designed for all school faculty interested in learning about self-compassion and how to help students learn how to identify the often harsh, inner-voice of criticism and replace it with kindness and support. Mindfulness self-compassion helps to build empathy, understanding and resilience. This workshop will teach the fundamentals of mindful self-compassion and offer training in the practices to cultivate compassion for self and others.

Mindfulness has become mainstream as corporations, hospitals and other large industries have embraced mindful practice for its ability to reduce stress and improve interactions with other people. Come and find out what others have been learning about Mindful Self-Compassion practice and learn how it can benefit your students, with a state of intentional presence.

This will be a day to unplug, learn self-care and participate in practices that can improve individual and collective interactions within the school. Self-care begins with the professionals who enter into stillness and find the quiet of the moment, knowing that it is important for being emotionally present for their students.

Course Outline

Session topics for the Mindfulness for Educators workshop will include:

  • Learning mindful self-compassion and stress reduction techniques
  • Concerns of students including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, bullying, fear, social justice, sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Helping professional responses including teaching compassion and empathy, role playing, social emotional curriculum, facilitating groups and outside referrals
  • Teaching students about anxiety, problem solving and communication by learning to settle in with calm attention, quiet focus and allowing for time to unplug
  • Learning about compassion and self-compassion and how to teach students to self-soothe
  • Practice and professional resources for educators

Learner Outcomes

  • Learn about mindful self-compassion and how it can help students who are having difficulties concentrating in school
  • Learn about teaching additional mindfulness practices in the classroom, building on practices from Mindfulness Part I, focus on social-emotional learning and kindness curriculum
  • Explore research on how mindfulness has improved student behavior, focused attention, impacted kindness, calmed anxiety and improved student achievement
  • Network with other teachers who teach mindfulness to students


  • Educators can earn 6 SCECHs
  • Light refreshments and lunch provided
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