The Certificate in the Foundations of Programming & Algorithms is an intensive 12 week online program designed for students and professionals in non-computing professions that seek to add foundational knowledge of computing and programming to their skillset. Prior experience or coursework in computing is not required. The program is suited towards those with non-technical backgrounds, but they are looking for upskilling opportunities in computer science to change their career path. It is also suitable for current undergraduate and graduate students taking degrees that may not include programming and algorithms as part of their degree coursework, but for which those topics would provide an immediate boost of high-demand job skills. The certificate can be used to satisfy the programming/data-structures/algorithms prerequisites of the master level programs offered by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Oakland University.

For this non-credit certificate, participants will undertake 78 hours of coursework covering programming, data structures, and algorithms. After completing the three-course set, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of data structures
  • Design and implement abstract data types
  • Model multiple algorithmic solutions to computing problems, and compare them
  • Assess different algorithmic approaches to optimization, performance, accuracy and validity
  • Use object oriented programming methods to create computer programs that solve a variety of problems
  • Apply foundational techniques to the design of such programs
  • Design graphical user interfaces

Courses will be a combination of asynchronous and synchronous online classroom sessions with instructors from OU’s Department of Computer Science & Engineering. Upon successful completion of the three-course set, participants will receive a certificate in the Foundations of Programming & Algorithms from Oakland University.

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