Course Description

The Engine Combustion Network (ECN) is an international collaboration among experimental and computational researchers in engine and spray combustion, including more than 50 partners worldwide. The focus of ECN has been targeted diesel and gasoline sprays, including engine datasets.

The ECN regularly holds workshops in an effort to coordinate future research related to engine spray combustion. Attendees from ECN partners worldwide participate in the workshop, give presentations about defined research problems outlined in workshop guidelines, and help to frame the future development of engine spray combustion research. More information about the ECN and the international workshop is available at the ECN official website: https://ecn.sandia.gov/

Course Outline

The technical session of ECN 7 will include 10 group topics, with the topic leaders identified below:

Topic 1: Diesel nozzle geometry and internal nozzle flow, Presented by Mathis Bode (Aachen).

Topic 2: Primary atomization (near-nozzle flow), Presented by Michele Battistoni (Perugia).

Topic 3: Evaporative diesel spray, Presented by Jianguo Du (KAUST).

Topic 4: Reactions that lead to ignition, Presented by E. Hawkes (UNSW).

Topic 5: Combustion (lift-off length, flame structure), Presented by Yuanjiang Pei (Aramco).

Topic 6: Emissions (soot, NOx, UHC), Presented by Noud Maes (Sandia).

Topic 7: Internal and near-nozzle flow, Presented by Brandon Sforzo (Argonne).

Topic 8: Evaporative Spray G, Presented by Tommaso Lucchini (Polimi).

Topic 9: Spray G in engines, Presented by Benjamin Boehm (TU-Darmstadt).

Topic 10: Spray G combustion and soot from pool fires, Presented by Michele Bardi (IFPEN)

More details on ECN 7 is available at: https://ecn.sandia.gov/ecn-workshop/ecn7-workshop/

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