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Teaching the developing voice is a relatively under-researched area. This two-day course will look at the growth and development of the voice from birth to adult. What we learn from this can then inform our expectations of singers at all stages of development. The session will include recordings of boys and girls at all stages of adolescence with simple ways to assess them.

This course will give music educators a firm foundation in the development of children’s voices, what they are capable of at each stage and the issues encountered during puberty. If you are a singing teacher, choral director, classroom music educator, or a musical theatre director – this course is what you need to know for nurturing young voices. The content is based on research evidence and a lifetime of experience in the field. Attendees will be given the tools to devise their own teaching strategies, while protecting and developing the growing voice. 

World-renowned Dr. Jenevora Williams from the U.K. will be presenting her first U.S. course at Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Author of the book; Teaching Singing To Children and Young Adults, Dr. Williams has limitless enthusiasm for voices: singing, teaching singing and training singing teachers. Her particular interest is in health, and her teaching focuses on enabling the most efficient and easy ways of finding the best sound for the student. During her performing career she became concerned at the level and awareness of vocal technique and health issues among young singers. Combining this interest with her scientific background led Dr. Williams to a PhD investigating the vocal health and development of boy choristers in UK Cathedrals. She is now a leading global expert in both voice rehabilitation and pedagogy. 

Certified teachers who attend can receive SCECH credits (State Continuing Education Clock Hours).


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Teaching Young Voices
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9:00AM to 5:00PM
Jun 22, 2020 to Jun 23, 2020
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