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Responding to Anxiety- During and After a Pandemic is a program offered by Oakland University through the Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) department. 

Responding to Anxiety is an evidence-based program, designed to provide social workers, counselors, school psychologists, teachers, and mental health workers with skills and strategies to build a sense of well-being and leadership to positively influence the emotional and mental health needs of clients/students. This program will teach a mindful approach for thriving at work or school and building resilience. Responding to Anxiety is a program of building confidence and learning to find the calm in the middle of stress and anxiety for adults as well as students. Participants will learn how to mentor, support, and offer evidence-based support for dealing with the surging numbers of anxiety that are present in personal, professional, and academic settings.

Responding to Anxiety will yield six SCECH or CEU credits. The program will be offered virtually, on-demand, asynchronously. The program was developed by Caryn M. Wells, PhD, a professor in the Department of Organizational Leadership.  Relevant training: Dr. Wells has a masters degree in Counseling (WSU), a PHD in Educational Administration (MSU), and training in over twenty levels/programs in mindfulness. She researches, publishes, and presents information about occupational stress and how to develop mindfulness practice to thrive at work. She has presented to over two thousand participants in one and two-day workshops.

**If your school/district is paying for your registration and would like to be invoiced, please email oupace@oakland.edu to complete a billing authorization**

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Responding to Anxiety: A Mindful Program
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